Culture is a broader term which means many things: ideas, norms, rituals, values, faiths, music, heritage etc. We especially work for the rejuvenation of the indigenous culture(s), both tangible and intangible. Our aim is to not only document the cultural practices: rituals, folklore, music, norms, values and history but also to promote that among the people who used to, or still, practice it. We also document oral histories, oral traditions and life experiences of people along with the myths, legends and folktales of the mountain communities of North Pakistan. One of our ventures is also focused on challenging the stereotyping of the mountain communities by travelers, inter and intra communal interactions; and by outsiders. Another approach is to reclaim the ethnic identities of these people by challenging and discarding the identities imposed on them by the colonizers from ancient times to the neo-colonialism usually referred to as internal colonization.

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