Resources in Torwali

Links to sources on Torwali language, people and culture 

  1. World’s Indigenous Peoples Spotlight: Zubair Torwali tells us about the Torwali People and Language
  2. Early Writing in Torwali: 
  3. Vestiges of Torwali culture: 
  4.  The Torwali Multilingual Model: 
  5. Torwali-English Dictionary: 
  6. Documentary on Revitalization of Torwali language: 
  7. IBT’s another website on Torwali in English, Urdu and Torwali: 
  8. A website on Torwali language and people: 
  9. Sarbuland available at Saeed Book Bank: 
  10. Reversing Language Loss through an Identity Based Educational Planning: The Case of Torwali language: 
  11. Torwali keyboard for smartphones: 
  12.   Revitalization of Torwali folk music using media of translation, audio and video: 
  13. Torwali is a language: 
  14. Bahadar ’s Almanac: Oral Tradition in Northern Pakistan Makes People Resilient and Prepared for Natural Disasters: 
  15. The Indigenous culture festival: 
  16.  Adapting the Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives (MAIN) to Torwali
  17. Torwali alphabets: 
  18. Text, audio and video resources on and in Torwali: 
  19. Revitalization of Torwali poetry and music: 
  20. On Torwali language, presentation by Aftab Ahmad: 
  21. Torwali in Ethnologue: 
  22. Torwali-English-Urdu dictionary online: 
  23. Oral history in Torwali:
  24. Fading songs of Torwali-Manjoora: 
  25. The Torwali people and language: 
  26. Grierson book on Torwali: 


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