Education is IBT’s one of the primary focused areas. Under education IBT strives for an all-inclusive equitable education especially for the children and youth of the ethnic minorities in North Pakistan. This includes formal and nonformal education and literacies. While IBT launches campaigns and advocacy drives on the access, quality and retention in education for the mountain communities it also deigns, plans and implements innovative initiatives such as ‘mother tongue based multilingual education’ or MTB-MLE wherein the children from the endangered language communities start their early education in their mother language/native language and, later Urdu and English are added as additional sources to the pedagogy. The girls in the mountain communities are the worst victims of neglect from the community as well as the state side. IBT advocates for more schools: primary, high and higher secondary, for girls in these areas. IBT has also focused on adult literacy in the native language as well as in Urdu and English; and is especially focused on youngsters and women. This is to create an educational home environment that helps retention, quality and a better early childhood development.

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