November 10, 2022

Shakal Pianu si Kitaab

This is a book where various shapes are given in an order from very simple, from objects to concepts, wherein the basic geometry is taught to students along with writing of Torwali alphabets. This book is also accompanied by another book known as Writing Primer where objects in photos end up in shapes of letters/alphabets.

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The Big Book

There are 64 such Big Books based on the small Reading Stories in Torwali. These Big Books are of big size along with large posters printed by IBT for the mother tongue based multilingual education schools.

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Torwali Reading stories

These are 64 small stories written in Torwali which are for one year and are used for learning reading Torwali. These stories are part of the Story Track of the Torwali pedagogy at the mother tongue based multilingual education schools. These stories were first produced by community people and printed by IBT in 2008. Such…

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